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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Black and White Studies with Dixon Markette

Here's the first in a series of one model in different mediums. This one's in graphite and you can tell it's the tool I'm used to by it's more energetic and confident lines.

Now this one's with the Markette, the new tool that I'm playing with so I can do live colorstix coloring (colorstix dont mix well with graphite like the one above). I'm able to get a variety of line widths out of it but I'm still getting used to it.

This guy came out of a great book of various face models. On the left is more realistic proportions, then on the right his features are pushed and exaggerated, while still maintaining the sense of mass. It's just a sketch but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Here's an attempt at mixing grey colorstix shading with black pen line... not so hot :P

This is so rough I'm hesitant to post it but it helped me realize a fundamental part of drawing pets. ALWAYS draw them at a 3/4ths degree angle, If you try to draw them straight on you totally lose the length of the snout and it looks super awkward. That little obvious-in-retrospect gem should help a lot during future pet caricature work.


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  2. Your drawings are awesome!! It is great the way you exagerate the face. Please can you tell me which graphite pencil did you use in the first drawing? It looks awesome.

  3. Thanks for the kind words and sure, though I'm away from my studio for the week and can't remember the brand off he top of my head. It's actually called "Nero lead" but I'll give you all the details when I get back.

    1. Great! thanks for the answer. Actually I was looking for some advise to choose a pencil to draw caricatures. I use ordinary pencils and hate the result. I hope your answer for the details, I wish some day I could draw awesome caricatures as you.

    2. Hey Salomon,
      Sorry for the delay, just got back from Montreal a short while ago and have been rushing around since. The lead I use is Called "Cretacolor: medium nero lead" 5.6mm and comes in packs of 6. It can be tricky to find and be careful not to get a similar seeming thing which may be more of a charcoal (gets too smudgey!)

      I put the lead in an "Art Alternatives Pocket Clutch Pencil Set," you can find them on amazon. They're pretty thick, but the way to use it is play around with the chisel-tip and adjust the angle for thin or thick lines.

      I try to work on a medium weight paper, about 70 lbs with a decent "tooth" (meaning it's a bit rough, not too smooth). The Borden Riley #116 has worked well for me, but whatever suits you should be fine.

      Hope that all helps and best of luck! :)