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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun with ColorStix!!!

After spending years working with an airbrush to color I finally decided to start experimenting with the prismacolor colorstix that so many of the pros like Joe Bluhm and Sean Gardner use. The results have been.... interesting.

I'm still getting used to how much pressure to apply and how to mix the colors available to achieve believable skintones. It looks like Sean uses every color in the set according to his video tutorials but I'm not sure that would be time efficient for me, plus I still have a hard time pulling off hints of green in the skin.

It'll be a while before I use color at live events but when I do... watch out!

here's a study from someone who really knows how to use color, Joe Bluhm. Let me say that again to make it super clear, it is a STUDY (aka "copy") of Mr. Joe Bluhm's work! NOT my own (as much as I'd like it to be *sniff*)

Now here's one of my own; you can tell it's mine because it looks like a crazy man with a pen did it. It's a self portrait... why do my self portraits always look angry? I'm a nice guy! I swear!

Here's the underdrawing of the above drawing, it's where I work out the composition with plenty of energy. Thank goodness the paper I use is super thin!

Here's a color study of some lady

... and here's a color study of the SAME lady with crazy sickly colors like Sean Gardner uses. I think I'll stick with the conventional warm pallet.

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