Welcome! I designed this site to showcase my caricature work, provide information on hiring me for parties or commissions, and give you a peek into how caricaturing works.

On the right you'll find updated posts on my latest sketches and caricature work.

On the left there's a series of permanent pages that include galleries, details about hiring and FAQ's.

Feel free to email me any questions you may have, even if it's just to ask how I'd exaggerate YOU.


The world of caricatures is strange 
and sometimes even confusing.  
So here's some Frequently Asked Questions 
which may bring some sense to it all...

Q) Do you draw people ugly or with big noses?
A) Caricature is all about exaggeration, sometimes that can look ugly, but it doesn't have to.  Everyone has unique features, but caricature, unlike portraiture, just takes those unique features and pushes them further.  A big nose would become bigger, but a small nose would become smaller.

Historically, caricatures were used to lampoon political figures and make them look ugly on purpose, but I try to walk the line with my drawings.  I draw people so that they look like a goofier version of themselves, but not ugly.

Q) Your number has a Connecticut area code, is that where you're located?
A) I'm located in White River Junction in central Vermont.  My cell number is just a carry over from an old land line.

Q) Will you travel out of town to draw at parties?
A) Absolutely! I'm happy to travel throughout New England including all of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and parts of Maine and Connecticut.  If you think you're outside my radius, ask anyways.  I may make the the long drive for a big party.

For far away locations further than an hour from White River Junction I may ask for a modest travel charge to cover the cost of gas.  But this can also be waved if it's a particularly long event (4 hours or more).

Q) I got a caricature before and it didn't look anything like me!
A) There's some artists out there who just draw a generic person with your hair coloring, accessories and hobbies.  That's not me.  When I draw a person I try to capture what's unique about them in the image.  Of course, caricatures are also a subjective art form and sometimes you may see yourself differently from how others see you.  The best way to approach caricatures is to keep an open mind and a good sense of humor.

Q) Do you draw "themes" like sports or fast cars?
A) I can do themes but I prefer to focus on the face.  You may notice a lot of caricatures with themes have pretty boring faces.  Personally, I think it's a way to distract from how uncreative the exaggeration is.  In short, I'll draw themes if you want them, but it's not what I do automatically.

Q) Do you do color?
A) At the moment I don't do color for parties, but I will do them for private commissions.  The reason for this is because I'm practicing a new tool for coloring and I'm not yet fast enough with it for the kind of high speed work I do at parties.  You can see some practice work on the Color Work page.

Q) How did you get into caricatures?
A) I started by working for Tom Richmond's caricatures at Six Flags New England in the Summer of 2007.  I was trained by the brilliant Alex Hughes and continued to work for him at the Yankee Candle Flagship Store until moving north to attend the Center for Cartoon Studies.