Welcome! I designed this site to showcase my caricature work, provide information on hiring me for parties or commissions, and give you a peek into how caricaturing works.

On the right you'll find updated posts on my latest sketches and caricature work.

On the left there's a series of permanent pages that include galleries, details about hiring and FAQ's.

Feel free to email me any questions you may have, even if it's just to ask how I'd exaggerate YOU.


        Thinking of getting a caricaturist for your next event? Great Idea! Caricatures are always the life of the party and they leave your guests with a personalized memento. 
        For $100/hour I can come to your party and draw every guest that sits down in front of me.  I can draw about a dozen faces an hour, sometimes even more!  I bring my own drawing materials and only need a small table and a few chairs.  
             I'm easy to reach and happy to answer any questions you may have

phone: 860-693-8533
  I’m located in White River Junction, Vermont, but can travel throughout greater VT, NH and MA.  If you’re outside these regions ask anyways.  A small travel fee may apply to events further than 60 miles away to cover the cost of gas, though this can be waved for longer events.